Anime List: Top 7 Anime of the All-Favorite Category: 2019 part two

7- Kyoukai no Kanata:

The beautiful girl Mirai Kuriyama is the only survivor of her spiritual clan that possesses supernatural powers that empower its members to transform, form and use their blood as weapons to fight and get rid of the Youmu creatures. Those creatures that are living images of negative emotions. But one day she is thinking about the school's surface, with a half-day boy and a half-man named Akihito Kanbara. And he will find him directly to discover that he is an immortal being that does not die. Now there is a strange friendship between them, in which each of them tries to kill the other. The boy tried to persuade her to join the literary club at school with other powerful spiritual fighters like Hiroomi and Nase. Their relationship solidifies with time and this drives them to give up their normal lives and enter into a war to survive against the yomu who started to move.

8- ReLIFE:

8- ReLIFE:

People are born children, then become teenagers, and eventually become young men and women who go into life and cause them despair, depression and depression. They live a random life and their homes are no less than the landfill in the body. So someone comes to the hero of Karata Kaizaki to give him a capsule that can make him small again, and then put in a teenage school for a year to engage with them and renew his life in a vibrant society full of events volatile, sharp, and fun. The hero tries to integrate slowly, recognizing his peers and mixing their personal lives, and trying not to repeat the mistakes of the past again. A beautiful and quiet anime discusses the idea that man always deserves another chance and a new perspective of life, so it can be the way out of that black box, narrow, cold, and called the "misery of life."

9- Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun:

9- Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun:
Romantic comedy life between two characters are far from each other. Is not that exciting ?! The anime story talks about the girl Shizuku Mizutani who does not care about humans, her colleagues, nor anyone at all. And lost interest in the achievement of the school itself. On the other hand, the naughty boy who has stopped attending classes since he entered into a big fight at the beginning of the school year, Haru Yoshida. The two do not know how to deal with humans and have no friends. So the boy suggests that she be his girlfriend and that's what he said directly in their first meeting. Now she does not know the nature of that relationship and find it strange. But over time their friendship grows and begins to have a special feeling and discover the good side of his character. And soya are trying to unravel the mystery about the evolution of their relationship with each other.

10- Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!:

10- Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!:
This anime is not only about comedy, but also fantasy and supernatural powers that have been presented quite differently from what we might imagine. In many times of our lives we believe that we are distinguished from all other human beings and that we have special power and miraculous energies. And therefore imagine ourselves heroes and we fight the bad guys and liberate the world from the space invasion. This causes the most embarrassing situations in one's life, and this is a disease known as chuunibyou. Rikka Takanashi, an anime hero, is completely immersed and believes that she has an evil eye inside her that enables her to supernatural powers. By contrast, her classmate Yuuta Togashi is modern to break those embarrassing habits. The hero gradually tries to help her get rid of that embarrassing period of her life in various ways. But he did not know that through it he was scratching her past, which she was trying to forget through it.

11- Toradora!:

11- Toradora
It combines school life, romantic relationships, and many comedy situations. The anime story tells about the boy with a face that shows his delinquency Ryuuji Takasu, although he is so kind and gentle and loves to do housework. Taiga Aisaka is in contrast, which may be anything other than being a nice and consummate girl. She is armed with a wooden sword and a personality that expels people. They combine fate at the crossroads of destinies to be revealed to be a good side, despite the appearance that you fabricate. Events escalate more when they reveal to the hero that she loves his friend, and the hero in turn declares to her that he loves her friend. Events unfold through their alliance to help each other reach the hearts of those who love.

12- WataMote:

12- WataMote
All of us have gone through times in our lives where we are very Antoine, mostly because of technology and virtual life in which we indulged even hairline. The story of this anime speaks of it in a most cynical and comedic way. The story tells about the girl who prepared 100 children and lived more than 50 social lives. But well, this is all online only. Nevertheless, she receives her secondary life bravely to show that she is in fact deeply introverted and can not deal with humans, and she does not realize it. Now with the help of her dear friend Yuu Naruse and her brother Tomoki, she is actually trying to overcome her intimacy in the world of the wild, full-fledged high school and the real social relationships that have not yet come true.

13- Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day:

13- Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day
Jinta Yadomi lives a secluded, lonely, and very quiet life away from the whole world. He would rather spend his days away from boring school playing video games at home instead. One day his old girlfriend Meiko Honma shows him to disturb his life and force him to achieve a forgotten wish. He did not care at all. In the end, that friend has been dead for years. He convinced himself that he had been gazing at the heat of the summer. But he soon realizes that the ghost is real and must fulfill its wish. After her death, all the friends dispersed. Now they must gather together to make the spirit of their friend lie in peace. But will they only help them? Or will they help themselves too? Watch to learn!

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