Anime Review of Akame Ga Kill: The Horror of Death and the Cruelty of Life!

The diversity of the Anime business is one of the most thriving industries of our time. The diversity of these works varies from one to the other. All his wings and his entity to find out the identity of the victor who will emerge from the head of this bloody battle.

Today we will talk about a very special anime belonging to the type of combat anemones to a great extent, and has succeeded in leaving a clear imprint in the embodiment of the assassinations and detail of several aspects of humanity will make you conspicuous before the greatness of his battles, it is anime Akame Ga Kill! If you are a fan of bloody battles and full of suspense, this is the right anime for you. Let's get to know this anime more.

Story and output:

Akame Ga Kill -characters
The story speaks of the naive boy Tatsumi and his journey to the capital to make his name as the best of the saints and help his poor village. But his efforts fail and he is prevented from joining the Royal Guard as a result of his arrogance. To receive a beautiful girl who told him that she had knowledge and people who could provide him with a place in the royal guard for a good amount of money. Tatsumi gives her the savings of his life to discover the poor later that the whole thing was a monument! Tastesumi comes out in the streets, obsessed with finding a place to spend his night. A luxury vehicle interrupts the silence of the Adham night to see a very beautiful girl invite him to spend some time in her palace until he finds a place to thank the boy Tatsumi his good luck thinking that his problems are over, but things do not end there, a group of thugs stormed The palace to kill the girl and her parents .. That night, Tatsumi finds shocking facts that changed the whole story. Such as the "Night Raid" group, a group of murderers seeking to liberate the kingdom from the power of the brutal minister.

The story of this anime is simple, uncomplicated and ambiguous, but in spite of its simplicity, the story is very beautiful and represents a harmonious mix of comedy and horrific scenes that cause chills, which are the main anime element, this is why it called Akame Ga Kill.

In short, there is no deep plot or events that confuse the viewer or ask him to ask, but epic battles are what made the story truly interesting and worth pursuing. Very smooth.


Akame Ga Kill -story
The characters represent one of the important elements in this anime, each character has a past driven by either the right way of behavior and follow the principles, or neutrality and access to the worlds of massacres and massacres committed in the name of the king, the director created in the drafting of the background of each character and presented to the viewer, It is the diversity of characters that made this anime so exciting. When you meet two people from opposite sides, each has charisma and prestige, which makes you eager to know who you are. The winner of this event, Variety Ed To enrich the principles and values ​​held by the anime, you can find in every part of you personal Mbia inside.

Perhaps the most personal figure in my mind is Esdeath, with her sadistic character and charisma wherever she goes. Her origin is to reach her goal at all costs. And to follow the pleasures of the "survival of the strongest, and death affects only the weak," as she put it.
The last paragraph is a burning of events so it should be noted)

All I can say about the characters is that they were an integral part of the success of this anime. The appearance of some characters was loved by us, and the loss of some was difficult to overcome. For me, I could not go beyond the death of Bulat so I convinced myself that he did not die and will return In order to save others from their plight .. But he died and ended his command



 Akame Ga Kill-soundtrack
Music plays the role of cheerleader and enthusiast in every fight. It is the fan that ignites the fire of the battle and makes you eagerly watch what the events will lead to. It can be said that this anime has employed the music in a way that suits the events and especially the passionate fights. Self chills.

And this is a collection of songs characteristic of this anime:
La chant de Roma: One of the most beautiful pieces in this anime, begins with a sad melody describing the suffering experienced by the heroes of our story, and gradually the frequency of the melody becomes a passionate and burning music that inspires within you the hope that the battle is not over and That no matter how desperate the amount of human, the latter is able to defeat him and face the difficulties no matter how intense.

A very beautiful piece of what I heard.

A piece of the promise Tatsumi made one day to return to his village and help her, the fragment is sad in nature and interspersed with a piercing voice that gives a touch of beauty and calm and gives a feeling of reassurance, really useful To listen after a hard day.

Yami o Kiru: One of the most passionate pieces that describe the fierce battles between characters of the story is filled with the sounds of the Orcistralia fueling the battlefield and want to flow adrenaline and put you in the atmosphere of the battle to decide your fate and fight for survival.

Drawing techniques:

 Akame Ga Kill
The famous White Fox studio, owned by Re Zero: Starting Life in another world and the new anime Goblin Slayer, took over the drawing process for this anime, and frankly, the studio created the gritty battles and described the devastation it caused, During the confrontation.

The buildings were carefully painted and reflect the old architectural style of the city at that time. The studio succeeded in following a truly distinct approach compared to the rest of the anemes, as well as the scenes of murder and bloodshed with unrivaled skill.

The quality of the painting is very good and reflects the effort of the designers to formulate and present it in this form.

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