Anime that will change your life in 2019!

The Japanese anime world is one of the beautiful worlds that will take you to places and distant times. Learn the different meanings of life from wisdom, knowledge,

deep human history and psychology, from the worlds that make you an enjoyable book that teaches you how and why people think and live.

Anime teaches you that life depends on you and your work and optimism. .. gives you the strength and constructive advice to do so.


Anime that left many things inside me and helped me in my life



15- Violet Evergarden

I have lived only twenty years, but I feel as if I have Lived more.

 The great amount of experiences and feelings I have endured in this anime is endless. I have always believed in myself that life is not measured by days but measured by the amount of emotions you feel at every moment. This Life?! But what is this anime ?!
It is a vast array of passions that are thrown at you in one go and plunge you into a sea of ​​vast and infinite emotions.

The most beautiful thing in this anime contains a very large number of feelings as the one loop makes you cry until the wailing loses hope and despair After all this pain and despair brings back a great flow of satisfaction and teaches you how to endure the pain of life and its calamities and that the death of a dear person never means the end of life And that lovers do not die but always live in our hearts.

The frightening mass of realism is unbearable, the endings are not always happy and the beginnings are perfect, everything swings like a pendulum and rolls like a ball falling into a valley, nothing perfect but a lot of randomness in this life, but our thoughts are our feelings and everything inside us What is the ability to make it lined up in our ideal way to suit the continuation of our lives in it and that no matter how painful and difficult life, whatever the beginnings are unusual and whatever the endings tragic, none of this prevents me from continuing life, I was born to live and not to die.

14- Magi

It is one of the great animations that I have seen in my life, from the terrible battles of the wonderful leaders, the myths and legends that have been so beautifully employed attract all the scenes, as well as the anime who has used all the myths and myths of various civilizations, times and places, Empire and how it destroyed the rest of the countries and Baghdad,

such as the wars of the Mongols against the Abbasid and Fatimid civilization, then the Roman civilization and Lim, the Greek civilization is Bavaria, then Baghdad and its prosperity and then corruption, such as the Abbasid and Fatimid civilization when Arab civilization began to collapse because of We can observe the huge culture and study required by the mangaka so that you can write the story in this way.

Without forgetting to mention the noble personality of SinDibad and his diplomatic abilities and his strength to deal with the difficult situations and the war and political crises and his slandery and stupidity.

In addition to the character of Hakrio who was able very quickly to increase his strength and transforms from child to an  adult.
The story of the director of the Magenostad School of Magic reminds me of Light (the main character of anime), who wants to rid the world of criminals and at the same time revenge attacks that begin with reprisals for what happened to her in the past and in the wrong way, in addition to the design of the school and uniforms and everything taken from Harry Potter in full .
As well as the great symphony of war and the magnificent epic orchestra.

13- 91 Days

91 days

From the story of pain and revenge that turned into hell to the pain of treachery,

the false illusion and the fearful way in which revenge forces us to pass, so that everyone thinks that his quest for revenge will ignite the spirit of life inside him again while making him more dead whenever Incursion into his revenge more.

The Anime has a deep penetration into the American West and their lifestyles from the guerrilla war, often led by large and well-known American families at the time.

In addition to the heavily trafficked weapons and alcohol trade and the various aspects of life that all concern the American West, But with a Japanese flavor, which makes it more profound and more beautiful in the self, the Anime contains a lot of scenes of weapons and smart and malicious trade deals between different gangs and families, wonderful and suitable for those who love action and guerrilla wars.

12- Youjo Senki

In short, I Watched this anime three times so I could understand his war strategy well, a very clever anime, heroine with charisma, thinking, planning and leading personality, wonderful in every sense, very harsh in training but nice and very responsible for her soldiers The first international that was derived between Germany, Britain, France and Russia, the Anime did not transfer any names or real events, but the transfer of war strategies followed at that time, which made it the best in terms of military and strategic Planning!!

11- Zetsuen no Tempest

I will give this anime all the questions you constantly ask yourself, 

why it is not me, why I traveled and I did not travel, why do I have better luck than 


In addition to the beautiful and intelligent love in it, puts you in another world of beauty and happiness, this anime considers it anime romantic,and drama , but does not introduce love as it is, but discusses the post-love period of pain and suffering , Especially if the loss of a lover because of death, At first I thought that anime is anime drama and  It is very far from being Action, the most emotional and dramatic romance. I liked Shakespeare's most wonderful novels like Hamlet's novel and the Storm novel, integrating it beautifully and well with the anime events, quoting wonderful words from these novels and combining them with classic soundtracks Inspired by Beethoven, puts you in another world and another time.
The amount of pain, sadness and despair reminds me of myself and I watch (your lie in April) and (Violetite Evergarden) .. Everything happens for a reason.

10- Kakegururi


The gambling anime  taught me the love of adventure and extreme risk and gave me the courage to do so, helped me overcome the fear that I had in the hard exams at university.

Anime talks about a school that is taught through gambling and not the usual methodical subjects. It is the skill needed by many people who want to become distinguished businessmen who are able to compete in the business and violent fields. In Japan, which are expected to be the successors of their people in this prestigious position in the country and therefore it is imperative to learn the basics of practical life and social Intelligence through gambling, while many think that gambling is a game of luck, but is exactly the opposite is a game Full of pain Defect, fraud and various fraud methods.

9- Attack on Titan

Attack on titan blog

I am working hard to work for the purpose of my goal regardless of the limbs that have been torn or the severe pain that has reached me. The most powerful sentence that has been established inside me is the scream of Armin Lairn when he was carrying the rock in the Ark of the Lord, Irene go, and his words at the end of the second part:

Those who can not sacrifice anything in their lives will not be able to accomplish anything new.

And Mikasa when she said:

If I fought I would live and if I did not, I would only die.

Anime reflects the real life we ​​live in from wars, battles and civil conflicts to famines, the injustice of the strong to the weak, the neglect of governments for their own people, and the sacrifice of soldiers for nothing. This may not be obvious in the anime at first but everything will be evident in the next parts of the anime.

In addition to the soundtrack that reflects a great epic orchestra that makes you live and suffer like the rest of the characters, and finally the most appropriate sentence for this anime .. Can not imagine my friend the amount of dreams shattered I saw in my way in this life, dreams of people do not end.

8- Your Lie In April And Violet Evergarden

April violet

Helped me abandon the past and friends of the past and stories of the past and move forward in this life no matter how painful and painful the past .. We only have to continue.

In April, Anime deals with the story of a man who had a passion for piano and was forced to play in Japan, in violent and harsh ways. He gave up his dream of playing the piano and everything he dreamed of. A girl helps him to overcome the past and adhere to his passion and dream again and give up the painful past,

Anime teaches us not to hate anyone to walk in a particular specialization or way in ways that make him hate everything in this area and because of them abandon his passion, especially if he was in the stage Childhood.

7- Psycho Pass

Psycho pass

Teach me self-reflection and self-awareness, teach me the importance of self-awareness and respect, teach me to understand the person for himself and respect for his ideas and not be docile to others always, you may be right without your knowledge.

Anime deals with the story of a new system created by the government to identify criminals and get rid of them through a gradual system that falls on the person and is judged whether he is a criminal or not depending on the degree of tension and concern, and that they believe that criminals only have high levels of tension and anxiety even A criminal breaks this rule and the system fails to recognize it because of its continuous calm. What should they do in this case?

Anime focuses on the idea that if you are not convinced that this system is correct and appropriate, you can not find it unless you find it.

6- Death Note

DEath note blog

This anime teaches me that no matter how clever you are, you alone can not change the world, you always need work, group planning, and public relations to reach your goal.

 taught me that it is very possible to be the victim of your ideas, because it is only distorted. Yourself and your thoughts repeatedly  before becoming victimized and never worshiped.

Anime deals with the story of a high school student with a book called Death Note. Every person who writes his name in this note dies, and then begins a series of horrible criminal and investigative events that will put you in constant amazement at the events of this anime.

The importance of human intelligence lies not only in planning and solving difficult equations, but also in dealing with the most important part of human intelligence. It is the ability to take the right path with correct, rational and moral perceptions away from evil and exploitation of others.

5- Code Geass

Code glass

The meaning of leadership, planning and strategy, taught me the meaning of gathering an army and working for one goal, taught me charisma and influential personality, taught me the best thing that has helped me in my life, taught me how to establish intelligent and solid relationships, taught me the importance and how to establish good diplomatic relations. With others to achieve a goal, taught me the importance of teamwork.

The anime deals with the story of a British prince who was denied by his father in his youth and where the anime talks about the British occupation of Japan (the events in the anime have nothing to do with it, Britain has never occupied Japan in its lifetime) and because of his father's denial of him seeking revenge from his father and Britain A Japanese army under his leadership to overthrow the government of his father and the government of Britain,

the huge amount of emotions and thinking and intelligent planning and shock will make you stunned throughout the anime and can not take your eyes off him, prepare to watch one of the greatest personalities in the world of anime.

4- Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo ghoul

Tokyo taught me that no matter how much I suffered, no matter how many times I fell, I still live. I still know myself and respect myself. I still love me.. I'm fine. Regardless of the size of my pain, teaches me also. That every pain and a difficult experience we have experienced was only necessary to make us who we are, and if time brings me back to meet the fateful fate that made me strong now I will definitely choose it.

Anime deals with the existence of two kinds of creatures in Tokyo: humans and gazelles, and since humans are the natural predators of humans, victims of eating and killing by ghouls fall into human beings and human organizations begin to annihilate the gill and begin to respond to them. The ghouls are monsters and humans who want to save themselves from this devastating destruction, but no, the guillotine has a human-like shape, brain, and human-like behaviors. Some gazelles start relying on dead bodies and humans basically to get their food,

Human beings in order to achieve peace between men and women An anime contains a large number of psychological and life-related questions that will keep you asking why all this happened, and whether it was necessary to make it happen. , Get ready to enter one of the deepest psychological developments that will attack you in your psyche until you understand the causes of your suffering in this life.

3- Black Butler

The black Buttler Anime taught me that the real demons stem from within us and that all bad things we do are caused by tons of hatred and accumulated pain, and that demons and evil are only a pretext behind which we conceal our true actions.

Anime deals with the story of a boy whose family was attacked and killed on his mirror, and even revenge on the killers. He makes a deal with a demon called Sebastian. You may find the story tragic and dark but the anime is characterized by its great ability to combine comedy that will make you laugh until your stomach hurts and the suffocating drama The deep human psychological anime focuses on bad ideas such as revenge and evil that are concentrated in the minds of many that lead them to perdition and that the real evil stems from humans and Satan is only an excuse to hide behind our malicious intentions.

2- Death Parade

Taught me that you can not push the person to the maximum strength and the possibility to see his metal and his real personality, you can not judge a person just and you press him to death, this is the worst way to judge people.

The anime deals with the story of people who are condemned to enter hell or paradise through a test they undergo after their death, so that this violent test drives them to the most extreme degrees of tolerance to see their real metal, but it turns out that you can not push anyone to the limit to see their true personality , After a certain limits becomes a person and turn his character to be someone other than what it was, the difficulties of life change of the human soul and pushing the person to the maximum limits may make him a beast no more, Anime takes you in a world where the human soul discusses and explains the pain and suffering and dreams , And teaches you the right way to judge people, It shows you the importance of exploiting the best use of your life before your death, having to give up your life no return and remorse does not work

1- Monster

Monster anime

taught me that real monsters exist within humans, not in the forest, and that everything goes through our lives as we should walk, no more and no less. Do not regret the past and say, "If only I could do what you can. To walk from the start!

Anime deals with the story of a Japanese doctor who went to Germany to study. During his training, he is accused of murdering the head of the hospital where he works, and where he later finds out that the killer was one of the patients he treated.

But why did this patient kill them and put the blame on the doctor who saved his life? With an ever-present mix of human vocals, this anime will give you answers to how you brainwash them, and show you the real and exciting psychopathic personality. In addition to the source of this exciting character that appears in most movies, Realism, where there are no supernatural powers to influence people and attract them to you but your style and your words are enough to do everything, words can change the course of an entire history .. Do not underestimate them.

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