B:The Beginning 2019 REVIEW

B:The Beginning 2019 REVIEW

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As anime fans, we often draw on the animations of the shunnin that draw us towards it to witness its epic conflicts and bloody battles, and to be impressed by its heart-rending scenes and its influence on the soul. However, despite the splendor of the shunin and the large base of its followers, Which has not received the desired demand, although no less remarkable than the enzymes Shonin and other famous animes. Anime B: the beginning is anime Mystery and Science Fiction Rated:


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The story takes place in the Kingdom of Cremona (a small European island) that lives on a series of murders by an unidentified butcher called Killer B, in relation to the symbol he leaves at the crime scene. Keith Flick is one of the investigators in the case of this unknown murderer, who is known for his intelligence, his enormous ability to deduce, his task of knowing the identity of the murderer and preventing him from continuing to carry out his heinous crimes. Will he succeed in his quest? Or will it collide with the murderer's unknown desire to kill? Follow the Anime to know.
The unique thing that we do not usually see in the many anomalies that are typical of the story and the events is that each episode of this anime invites you to complete it and learn several facts that will gradually become apparent with a dramatic and dramatic acceleration of the events, all of which intersect with violent and bloody scenes. Recommended for young people.
Overall, the story is characterized by a neat line and a logical and interesting sequence of events with some comedic scenes that give a kind of fun to cover some of the bloody and cruel anime effects.


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Honestly, most of the characters did not receive the attention they deserved. The director focused on the two main characters in the story: Detective Keith and the Serial Killer. This is one of the weaknesses in this anime. It lacks diversity and effectiveness among characters, which may cause confusion. Which will question the role of other characters in this anime, but despite this focus, some of the characters imposed themselves and contributed significantly to the release of events (or crisis) and was a strong role and effective impact on the events and the story as a whole, To fill the gaps resulting from lack of diversity.
The overall rating of the characters is average due to the strong focus on the main characters.


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Musicals occupy an important place in creating suspense and drawing more scenes to merge into events.
And in this anime has achieved the desired and deservedly, when every event, whether shocking or sad or interesting, interspersed music folds events create a state of the unconscious desire to follow the story with passion, has been dominated by the modern character, but never lost part of its luster, In each section, you hear that fresh female voice that gives a touch of beauty to the track, and perhaps the best pieces are the reason for the composer yoshihiro ike.
Also note that the song of the introduction was characterized by minors compared to the rest of the animes and was represented in a very quiet and beautiful.
Music is generally very good and has covered an important space of scenes and events to give it a mix of excitement and anticipation of the viewer.

Drawing techniques:

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Anime Production Studio Production I.G. Personally, I do not expect less than this studio that has produced very respectable works such as Ghost in the Shell, Psycho Pass, and Attack On Titan. The quality of drawing was convincing to the maximum extent, the features of characters from the drawing of the faces and moving the jaw when talking all realistic, and did not overlook the studio even on the outside details, Vdda in the design of the city and buildings to give them a touch of realism and beauty at the same time, The vehicles and cars were painted with creative mastery using 3D computer technology.
The drawing is generally very nice and shows that the studio made a great effort to paint the details. Nor have I noticed any obvious drawback in this technique of painting that has been truly respected.

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