Best comedy anime that will take you out from depression in 2019

The pressure we face in life. It has to increase our depression and accumulates over our heads grief and tons. Running away from those sorrows with anemones, melodies, films and serials, seeking refuge from all this cruelty and oppression. In order to get you out of the stage of sadness that occasionally afflicts you, we have compiled a list of the top 5 comic books ever. Where you will laugh, giggle, and are very happy. Now pack your luggage because we have a great trip here!

1- Gintama:


One of the world's most famous artists, he is always on top of the best trends on the world-wide MAL website. The anime story tells about the former Samurai, "Gintoki", who retired the art of samurai force after the occupation of Japan by space objects and prohibited dealing with swords. Now the boy with glasses Shinpachi Shimura, and the girl Kagura with her stomach that can not find a decision, live with their pet dog Sadaharu. Together they carry out the tasks people offer them and thus get a living. But between this and that, thousands of situations and countless comedies occur. Anime is characterized by the related comedy and the well-knit scenario to show all the places of laughter and comedy in the event.

2- Seto no Hanayome:

 Seto no Haayome-blog-post

Teenager Michishio Nagasumi aspires to a fun summer vacation. But fate does not stand in his row at all and the volatility of his life a festival of successive comedy events. After he almost drowned in the sea completely without the intervention of a beautiful young girl called Seto Sun to save him. But that girl is not human, she is a mermaid nymph and belongs to the marine yakuza family. But the motherhood gets worse when he knows the law of the Yakuza family, which states that a human eye is a fairy, for the mother or the human one to be killed! The only way to avoid this is for the boy to join the family. He asks her hand to save their soul together. Between this and that the boy tries to prevent the fact of the nymph from appearing.

3- Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou:

Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou-blog -post

Anime that combines school life, life situations, comedy and excessive comedy. The story of this anime talks about a trio of friends hanging around the school roads and each of them has a special print. The eccentric boy and his super-active imagination Hidenori, the boy who is very sensitive and sensitive Yoshitake, and finally the most thoughtful and tough Tadakuni. Their lives are full of robots, love stories, and life-loving drama. They may seem like a trio who spend their time here and there without a goal. But must life be extraordinary ?! Certainly do not mind some of the clashes and unexpected situations from time to time. Now comedy is coming out more, now you have to watch it.

4- Arakawa Under the Bridge:

Arakawa Under the Bridge

Anime is the owner of the idea other than the personality and characters that combine the comedic qualities, and the stark drama. The anime story is about the young man Kou Ichinomiya, who is the son of a wealthy businessman who owns a famous company. The hero lives by himself and himself and does not allow himself to be indebted to one of the lowest known. But one day he is thrown out by a group of hooligans who end up being at the bottom of the Arakawa bridge. But pass by the beautiful girl Nino and rush to save him. Now he owes her, now he is angry! Then he told her to ask for what she wanted to repay her religion in any way, but she wanted nothing in life but love, and asked him to be her boyfriend. Of course he agreed. Now his journey begins to leave a luxury life, hanging around the same bridge where the poor girl lives in a cardboard house.

5- One Punch Man:

One Punch Man-blog-post

The most famous anime in recent times and the most beautiful of the assassinations of supernatural drawing and accurate details. While there are many bad guys who are also very funny. So tell the story of the anime about the supernatural hero that nobody knows, Saitama. By chance, Saitama recognizes another young man named Guinus and asks him to be his mentor. Between this and that Saitama moves to the world of heroes gradually emerging. But his supernatural powers are astonishing everyone, he can conquer the strongest enemies with only one punch! And his fights here and there and passing from one store to another to pick up the discounts that he loves, dozens of comic situations that suit his personality characterized by bald face and cold expressions. Anime is actually a first class comedy.

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