Best comedy anime that will take you out from depression Part 3 In 2019

11- Toradora!


This work will certainly be loved by you because it speaks implicitly about manga culture and industry. The story revolves around the chastity and chivalrous Chiyo Sakura, who fell in love with young Umetarou Nozaki. But when she finally decided to recognize his feelings, he was given a strange autograph by him. It turns out that the young Nozaki is originally a famous Manjaka Shoujo published under the name Sakiko Yumeno. He then spoke of many situations that resulted in Chiyo being the hero's help in his rescue. And between this and that become friendly to many of her school colleagues, such as his assistant Mikoto Mikoto, and Yuu Kashima the most beautiful boy in the school. Throughout the events she tries to help him succeed in his artistic work and aspires to notice her feelings while doing so.


12- Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!

Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai-blog


Anime that combines school life, romantic relationships, and many comedy situations. The anime story tells about the boy with a face that shows his delinquency Ryuuji Takasu, although he is so kind and gentle and loves to do housework. Taiga Aisaka is in contrast, which may be anything other than being a nice and consummate girl. She is armed with a wooden sword and a personality that expels people. They combine fate at the crossroads of destinies to be revealed to be a good side, despite the appearance that you fabricate. Events escalate more when they reveal to the hero that she loves his friend, and the hero in turn declares to her that he loves her friend. Events unfold through their alliance to help each other reach the hearts of those who love.

13- Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun:


Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun-blog

This anime is not only about comedy, but also fantasy and supernatural powers that have been presented quite differently from what we might imagine. In many times of our lives we believe that we are distinguished from all other human beings and that we have special power and miraculous energies. And therefore imagine ourselves heroes and we fight the bad guys and liberate the world from the space invasion. This causes the most embarrassing situations in one's life, and this is a disease known as chuunibyou. Rikka Takanashi, an anime hero, is completely immersed and believes that she has an evil eye inside her that enables her to supernatural powers. By contrast, her classmate Yuuta Togashi is modern to break those embarrassing habits. The hero gradually tries to help her get rid of that embarrassing period of her life in various ways. But he did not know that through it he was scratching her past, which she was trying to forget through it.

14- Great Teacher Onizuka:

Great Teacher Onizuka-blog

Man Onizuka is a former leader of the famous Bicycle Gang. But he gives up his post to focus on a higher and higher ambition than all that, to become the best teacher ever! This is, of course, to meet the beautiful school girls. Well, at least that's a goal. But strong school leaders, and a class full of reckless delinquents stand between him and his dream. But that will definitely ruin them. Now prepare for classes of unrelated mathematics, quotas of language that you can not reveal to people, and lessons in biology that can make a big man blush. Except of course that I was a great teacher Onizuka.

15- WataMote:


All of us have gone through times in our lives where we are very Antoine, mostly because of technology and virtual life in which we indulged even hairline. The story of this anime speaks of it in a most cynical and comedic way. The story tells about the girl who prepared 100 children and lived more than 50 social lives. But well, this is all online only. Nevertheless, she receives her secondary life bravely to show that she is in fact deeply introverted and can not deal with humans, and she does not realize it. Now with the help of her dear friend Yuu Naruse and her brother Tomoki, she is actually trying to overcome her intimacy in the world of the wild, full-fledged high school and the real social relationships that have not yet come true.

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