Enthusiasm and adrenaline with the best 15 action and thrilling action Anime ever!

Enthusiasm and adrenaline with the best 15 action and thrilling action Anime ever!

There are too many categories in the world of anime and manga, but one classification remains the overriding: action and excitement. It is a classification that combines drama, fantasy and supernatural powers, as well as high-resolution motor scenes and skillful killers. Today we bring you a list of the best 15 action Anime and the most exciting of all, we hope you get your satisfaction.

1) Fairy Tail


One of the best works of anime exclusively dealing with the idea of magic and the powers and supernatural acts built on them. But this anime is distinguished from the other peers in that it deals with the idea of witchcraft with a cooperative and family perspective. The story speaks of Lucy, who goes to a city to meet the famous Magician of the Fire (Salamandar), to join the association of sorcerers to which the "Fairy Tal". After many comedic positions in the first episode you meet him to begin a new and long phase of her life with this association that brings together the members who put their lives to the test, the tasks stranger than the imagination, the past and the complex and intertwined.

2) One Piece

One Piece-blog

If you are looking for anime talking about the adventures of sailors and pirates this is anime that is right for you. And if you want a job that will continue with you until you see your grandchildren, this is what One Piece will undoubtedly achieve. The anime story talks about the young boy "Luffy" who once ate the devil's fruit that allowed him to turn his body into a rubber that could make him do anything. Now Luffy is trying to be the king of pirates and looking for the lost "Lion Pace" left by an ancient pirate. His journey involved him in finding a crew of eccentric pirates, who become like the family in everything. Everyone has qualities, qualities and a unique past. This is what we did not know yet.

3) One Punch Man

the strongest anime character-saitama-one punch man

In a world where humans have supernatural powers, so much has happened. Some of them turned into villains who wreak havoc on the land, others took the honor of the heroes and stood up defending the weak from the general population. Between this and that emerged the strongest hero on earth, Saitama. But he himself was not interested in being a hero, and when he cared, no one had bothered him. The anime takes us on a trip to Saitama and his teacher, "Guinos," who are fighting the bad guys along the way, trying to get the community to know this hero. Anime is characterized by good drawing style, fast-moving events and, most important of all, passionate fights! The assassinations do not end, creating an atmosphere of unmatched continuity. To be honest, the last fight is truly great!

4) Naruto


Of the anime that have established millions of principles in the millions, and have been associated with dozens of different poetic situations. The Naruto anime is not only characterized by an edifice, but also by an innovative idea. The young boy, Naruto, who lost his parents as an infant and tries to make his way in the ninja world to become the strongest Chinobi in the village, the Hokage. But that dream needs determination, will, and certainly tremendous power and skill in using ninja techniques. But Naruto did not know that inside him there was a trapped monster that could enable him to realize his dream. Will Naruto learn about the devilish fox in which he sits and harnesses his powers to his advantage? Do not rush to answer, this is a long and enjoyable trip to the maximum!

5) Hunter x Hunter


The most famous are the anime giants who headed head-to-head. While Kiyoshimoto invented the ninja world and his own chakra in Naruto, Togashi was the inventor of hunter hunter hunter X Hunter. The story is about the young boy, John, who is determined to go to the fishermen's test to see why his father left him as an infant on this remote island to complete his career as a fisherman. He wants to experience that precious and inspiring thing to his father, who on the other hand will allow him to see his father for the first time away from the picture hanging on the wall. John begins his journey to become a fisherman and between the folds of events meets with many personalities and friends who will deal with dozens of adventures, unexpected and passionate to the maximum!

6) Berserk



In this anime please see the old version of it. The story speaks of the Black Swordsman with one eye and one arm, who wanders between the villages and shops black and black and fills the earth in search of a means to achieve its goal. Vagats was once the right hand of the leader of a group of powerful warriors named Griffith. Griffith dreams of being the ruler of his own kingdom one day, and the group helps him do it. But one day Gats finds himself among the thousands of demons in a spot of hell on earth. Vengo hard-earned but cursed, and survive his colleague also, but you get mad. The rest of the team is declared. What is the story of Griffith and hell? What does this have to do with Gats' current endeavor? Follow the Anime to learn!


7) Soul Eater

Soul Eater-blog


The world is no longer what we know for sure. Evil seized the world and a so-called "kashin" was created. But was defeated by Mr. Mott himself. To prevent the formation and creation of another Kishin, death built his own school where young boys and girls are taught to become powerful warriors against the evil spirits that eat the souls of the righteous and begin their journey to be the new Kishin. But students are gentlemen, including weapons. Every master corresponds to another weapon. A weapon is a normal human being but can turn itself into a weapon that empowers its master to fight those spirits. Now Sol and Mac are trying to harvest 99 evil spirits, and one magical spirit, so that Seoul is the official weapon of Mr. Mott himself, and Maca gets the praise she deserves. And between this and that dozens of situations and events that combine excitement, enthusiasm, comedy and absolute.

8) Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood-blog

One of the rules of this world is that people can use certain miracles in which the elements of nature are harnessed and converted to other things that serve the same user. This is alchemy, and that is the foundation of that world. Edward and Alfons are small brothers who have tried a forbidden type of alchemy, trying to recover their dead mother. But this action cost Edward his arm and feet, while Alphonse lost his body and did not remain in the spirit of Edward's old metal shield. Now the Elric brothers are trying to reach the so-called "philosophers' stone" who say they can do anything. But they do not know that this journey of research conceals behind them dozens of positions, events and caches that will reveal that the stone of the philosophers is not only the stone that fulfills the wishes, but .... Keep on learning!

9) Code Geass

Code Geass-blog-story

In 2010 Japan was conquered by the British Kingdom, so Japan lost its identity, civilization, and even dignity. The Japanese were called "11" as a form of disdain for identity and belonging. But seven years later, the writer tells us that he was stripped of his royal post and killed his mother, and is being used by strange powers called Giaas, taken from a mysterious girl who happened to meet her in a strange place. With that ability to subject anyone to the wishes of the owner, Lulouche begins to shape Britain's modern history with the identity of Zero, Britain's new enemy. In the midst of all this, Lulouche is forced to conceal his identity from many, and thus the events are raging and the destinies intersect in a frenzied and fateful way! The creator of the timeless masterpiece, Kiyas Code!

10) Shingeki no Kyojin

Shingeki no Kyojin-attack on titan-blog-story

In this anime, the writer created a world where humans are not at the top of the food pyramid. One day there were gigantic entities of nothingness called the Giants. These giants eat humans for no particular reason. They have no digestive system at all. But they are protected by human beings inside the walls that are broken one after the other by these brutal invaders. Now Erin, Armin and Micassa join forces to fight and slay the Giants, and Irene in particular because his mother was eaten before his eyes by a smiling female relationship with a swagger. But one day Erin finds himself turning into one of those giants who fight them, but he keeps his mind! What will everyone react to? Will he have a role in the next war? Follow the Anime to learn.

11) Baccano


A story that brings together many people with special aspirations. In 1711, some of the Chaimaeans gathered on the ship Advenna Avis and summoned a demon to provide them with the mystery of immortality. Indeed, he gave them the eternal life of Zeira, and they became immortal. He gave the devil one of the equinoxes of his making, and said that the only way to end their lives was to inspire each other. They agreed that there should be no immortals other than Szilard, objecting to this. And later decided to disperse across the earth to escape the latter who seeks to eat them. In 1930 another adventure begins to happen to some of the thieves who seized that equation and made many wrong, forever. Between this and that, there are many funny situations and interesting events. Anime is fun and has a different idea already.

12) Dragon Ball - Z

Dragon Ball - Z-blog

It is the second part of the famous Dragon Ball series that tells the story of Goku, the tailed boy who aspires to get the 7 Dragon Ball Balls together and awaken the dragon, Shin Long, to achieve only one wish. The hero prepares for an arduous journey to get those balls, and begins the tough training and agreement with the girl «Polma» to share his quest. While this is happening, there are others who want to achieve the same mareeb for evil special purposes. During the adventure they meet many different beings and people who share the path towards the moment when the seven balls are assembled in one place. Killings occur, and destinies intersect. In the end, Dragon Ball is one of the most exciting and exciting youthful animations.

13) Guilty Crown

Guilty Crown-blog

In the future, a deadly and dangerous virus in Japan has emerged, called the "end virus." Forcing Japan to be placed under military quarantine in order to regulate and monitor the degree of outbreaks of the virus and to provide vaccines to those eligible. This is under the control of GHQ, and there is a boy who does not care about anything, Shuu Ouma. He spends his days editing videos and does not want anyone to care about him. But the situation is reversed when the famous pop singer Inori meets the GHQ soldiers. While he tries to save her from those who want it, he has acquired a very strange force that enables him to pull weapons out of human bodies when he is 17 years old. Now he must decide whether to join the terrorist organization Funeral Parlor, which fights the military organization, or forgets the command of that force completely and completes his life with a lot of routine. As if one of these parties will leave it alone!

14) Psycho-Pass



In the distant future, the world lives in a state of high-power, foggy technological constipation. Human beings have been analyzed by their lives, minds and tendencies in the form of computerized numbers that measure the individual's tendency to criminality. If a certain threshold is exceeded, compulsory treatment is imposed. If he does not succeed, he will be put in jail or help the police arrest his followers. Akany is a policewoman of the Sibyl electronic system. After discovering the truth of the system, Akany decided to complete the work of the police, but to make her own sense of security above the rules of the bad system. Anime simulates the idea of ​​"I am the law!" Which dominated the programmatic community at the time. In doing so, we are embarking on a mentally pleasing journey between hardened criminals and sophisticated criminal minds.


15) Claymore


During the Middle Ages, the world was invaded by demonic beings who took the forms of humans and then rebelled against them, called "Youma". There is one category of organisms that addresses them, the Claymore category. The Claymore is a silver-eyed girl with a sword wherever she goes, a combination of half a human and half a day, her strength is equal to the number of men and only one capable of defeating the day. One day, one of them rescues the young man, Raki, who killed his family by day and was expelled from his home. Clare decided to share the creatures of the day with the creatures of the day, and then purge them completely. In order to reach the days of the greatest that seek revenge for him since the day she chose to become (Claymore)

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