Fantasy In other worlds, here is a list of the top 8 Fantasy Anime in 2019

list of the top 8 Fantasy Anime in 2019

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The ratings of the anime are extremely varied, so that all viewers enjoy their different tastes and artistic tendencies. However, some classifications still attract the largest segment of fans of anime culture, and one of those categories is what we will talk about today. Today we will talk about the classification of fantasy, presenting you with a list of 8 anime works below, all combining fine graphics, powerful layouts and fantasy fantasy. Granny to everyone, come on!

1- Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood:

In the world of this anime, alchemy is the language of communication between the powerful. The strength of the individual is not measured by his muscle mass or combat ability, but by his ability and ability to master the art of alchemy, which allows him to convert anything to another and manipulate and use the material for his service. But there are many forbidden rules in the realm of alchemy, and the most taboo of this world is the technique of reviving the dead. The actual story begins with the break of the Elric brothers to that base and their attempt to revive their dead mother. But this caused Edward to lose his foot and hand, while Alphonse lost his body and his soul settled into a huge metal structure. The revival has completely failed. Anime talks about the adventures of this duo in order to find the stone of philosophers who claim to be able to bring them back to normal again.

2- Fairy Tail:

Lucy Hartvillia seeks to be a powerful witch and joins the city's famous witches' association, Fairy Tail. Based on that decision to explore the unknown and enter into adventure, she left the luxury family home looking for that famous association. During her sleep in the city she meets by chance the famous Salamander magician, who specializes in the magic of the fiery dragons. Nalso Salamander takes her to the headquarters of his association, Ferry Till Association! Lucy begins her journey with that crazy, alien-looking association, cheerful humans, and tasks ranging from difficulty from easy to average, to tasks that only the leader of the association can do. What are the adventures awaiting Lucy? How will she affect her life and the life around her? That's what you're waiting for while watching anime.

3- Naruto:

In this anime aspires to be the naughty little boy Naruto Uzumaki is the next hokage, or the strongest person in the village of Konoha of ninja. In this world, human energies are harnessed and trained to create ninja who serve their village and maintain the honor and integrity of ninja honor. But Naruto was not born naturally, inside him can be a monster of great power, locked inside Naruto prison itself does not know about him. But gradually Naruto discovers that beast and its mighty power, but will he be able to provide a service for his service and help him achieve his quest for the position of Hokage? This is a question that is answered by hundreds of episodes of this anime that lasted for 15 years with us, an episode behind the episode, and the splashing of Hamas after another relentlessly.

4- Bleach:

Ichigo Kurosaki is a normal young man and student, but his life is no longer normal at all after his family was attacked by Hulu. The Hulu is a miserable and corrupt spirit that seeks to eat pure lives, and certainly as a result human beings die. But Ryuka's lifeguard defends Ichigo and his family against that hulu, but it ends with Ichigo taking the Ryuka powers to turn his life and protect his family and the city from the raids of those lost souls. But Ichigo discovers that the hulu is not the only threat to the world. What other dangers? And how will he and those around him pay for many adventures and assassinations in which the destiny of humanity is at stake? This is what you will learn when watching anime.

5- Hunter X Hunter:

In the world of this anime there are human beings who seek to seize opportunities and harvest treasures, human beings do good, and others who commit evil. But it is agreed that all of them are hunters, all of them terribly powerful. The events begin with the young boy John Frix, who leaves his small island and goes to the fisherman's test, the test his father had at his age, the test from which a fisherman graduated and preferred to remain so instead of raising his own son. So John seeks to be a fisherman and looks for his father who has never seen him except in a picture hanging on the wall. During his trip, he is shared by many friends such as Corapica, Kiloa and Loreo. And between this and that happen hundreds of positions and events that will not make John's journey boring at all!

6- Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic:

The dungeons are magical places filled with treasures, powers and hidden secrets that are the dream of many marauders, where the power of kings gives them great oppression. The story tells about the little magician «Aladdin» who seeks to leave his hometown behind him and go to the wide world to discover and explore the depths of passion and curiosity. Ala can also call Genia by playing on his flute. One day he meets Ali Baba after destroying a car belonging to a merchant. In order to pay for the damage, Ali Baba suggests that Alaeddine try their luck together in one of the cells to pay that amount. An unexpected adventure coincides with Aladdin, but did not know that the adventure will change his life, but the fate of the whole world completely!

7- Soul Eater:

The world is no longer as natural as we pledge, so humans are able to turn themselves into weapons used by others to unleash evil spirits. Those evil and corrupt spirits who seek to eat the souls of human beings so that they can eventually become the infidels, or the Great Satan. But this is prevented by Mr. Mott-Dith Sama and his school, which is set up to train weapons and masters to fight and defeat corrupt spirits before they turn into an egg. Seoul and Maca are both slaves and masters, seeking to be together the strongest team in the school, along with many other friends who want the same mareeb. Then the events with these youthful characters take us on exciting and powerful adventures to the fullest

8- Madoka Magica: 

The world is full of evils without the general public being aware of it, but the credit of the magical girls who keep the real world safe from the world of evil witches who occasionally mess with the human world. One day, a cat-like object named Kyubei was the small, thin girl Madoka. He said that he could turn her into a very powerful magic girl and save thousands of lives from the evil witch witch, and in return she would be able to achieve any wish she could imagine in the most extreme fantasies. But a new girl moves to Madoka's school and her expressions are very serious and ambiguous on every side, trying in various ways to prevent the realization of the purpose of the kyobi and turning Madoka into a charming girl. What is the secret behind magic girls? Why does that girl do it? This is what you will learn when watching this anime, which is an icon of the anime industry.

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