Here are the best Anime presented by Bones Studio in 2019

THE Best Anime Presented By Bones Studio in 2019


Since its establishment in 1998, bones studio has been one of the greatest anime studios. Many of the best productions of the last decade have been creative, and whenever they announce new work everyone is ready to give it a chance. Even if the story is ordinary and dull we are sure we will see incredible quality animation at both levels. Audio and visual.

But we have to admit that some of the creations of the studio were not excellent works, and we thought that on the other hand they have not only good works, but are classics of the best of the best in the world of anime, and we will be careful in this article to talk about such works.

Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood:

Fullmetal alchemist brotherhood-story-anime

He runs the streets with a red robe, his clothes are distinctive, and a yellow hair flashes from his head strongly. Next to him is an armored man, left and right, and he wants his short companion to change their destination quickly. These were Edward and Alphonse, the Elric brothers, who turned the earth in search of the philosopher's stone. but why? In order to restore Ed limbs stolen and restore Alfons body dominated by an authoritarian entity calls itself (truth!). This (truth) appeared to them when they broke the taboos of alchemy and made human conversion to bring their dead mother back to life. In a gloomy world represented by the Amstris Army, on the one hand, and with the scenes represented in desperate attempts to repress grievances, the Elric brothers are in search of salvation. Will they find that stone? But the fate of their predecessors towards him from the ground? This is what you will learn when you follow the complete alchemist: fraternity.

Boku no Hero Academia

Boku no Hero Academia-story-anime

"Madeira " is a teenager who lives in a world where humans have supernatural powers that enable them to be either heroes or villains. He dreamed of being a hero but luck was not on his side and he was a minority who were born without special abilities. Anime is accompanied by an interesting journey of how to become a teenager without features, the symbol of the new peace and the greatest hero ever!

The work is characterized by simple drawing that is consistent with the qualities of the heroes and the general atmosphere of the plot, city and age. Next to the melodious music that makes you unwittingly crying hard, realizing that dreams can become true. Some thought he is childish, but they did not know the depth of his love yet.

Mob psycho 100:

Mob psycho 100-anime

Kagyu Shigeo, famous for Mob, is seen by people as being indifferent to what is happening around him and does not show any human expressions or feelings towards others. Mob is a student who can control things and do supernatural things. But his real strength is much greater. He believes that his forces are not useful at all, and prefer to suppress them and suppress the feelings that feed within it until it almost explodes. But at some point when these feelings are condensed and compressed within the same, up to 100% and unleashed all the locked forces at once! Mob then used it to get many clubs to achieve fame and reach the heart of his beloved «Tsubumi». What is the origin of these forces? What feelings do you feed? You will not even learn to follow this very enthusiastic anime!

Bungou Stray Dogs:

Bungou Stray Dogs-story

Anime talks about an agency that employs talented and unique talents and makes fun of their gifts for good. And its hidden war with the Mafia Organization, which employs others similar to them, but for the purposes of murder, theft and destruction. "Atsushi" is a teenager with a rare and distinctive ability protected by the agency from the port mafia and foreign enemies who want to recruit him, or recruit his head!

Characterized by personalities with names borrowed from real literary or martial characters, consistent with their qualities and talents well. Some may not like it because of the surrender of the hero and the fact that his soul is capable of him at every moment, but over time these weaknesses turn into a brute force that ignites the events.


Noragami-anime story

This Anime is interesting since the first episode, the work atmosphere is great and its fun is great, the animation is not bad from the studio bones, action and awesome assassinations, great design characters, also served the work so much every character is completely unique in a way that makes them all related despite the lack of episodes, overall decent work in all respects.

Although it's a traditional Shawnen anime, this does not mean it's not worth watching, norgami is so good and so fun for everyone.

The story revolves around a fictional world similar to Bleach, where millions of gods live alongside this world, as well as the souls they serve, which interfere with and influence the human world. While Hiyori Iki (a middle-class girl) alone cries because of her colleagues' bullying and persecution, A phone written in red with the message "I'm solving the problems," after you contact a boy meets Yato, and when rescued from an accident that almost killed her life, the boy claims to be God and tells her that this incident made her turn into Hanyou (a person who can easily lose his soul) Hiyro joins together with Yato and a boy named Yukino to fight fierce battles to protect the world Humans.

Soul Eater:

soul eater

The world is no longer as natural as we pledge, so humans are able to turn themselves into weapons used by others to unleash evil spirits. Those evil and corrupt spirits who seek to eat the souls of human beings so that they can eventually become the infidels, or the Great Satan. But this is prevented by Mr. Mott-Dith Sama and his school, which is set up to train weapons and masters to fight and defeat corrupt spirits before they turn into an egg. Seoul and Maca are both slaves and masters, seeking to be together the strongest team in the school, along with many other friends who want the same mareeb. Then the events with these youthful characters take us on exciting and powerful adventures to the fullest.

Darker Than Black:

darker than black-anime

If you are a fan of complex stories, puzzles, ambiguity and the heavy information that makes the mind tense in linking them, congratulating you for this anime that will blow your mind, all that was presented in this work was wonderful .. the atmosphere, the story, the melodies, the very strong animation, the graphics and the amazing effects, All of them have a high degree of thought and creativity.

The story takes place in a world close to our world, but an unknown disaster has plagued us with the laws of physics. This world is full of supernatural powers, elements of science fiction and advanced technologies. The supernatural beings in this world are called the "few contractors" and with each appearance a new star appears in this dark world. , These unbelievers live under the hatred and persecution of ordinary people and the causes of this hatred will remain obscure and unknown at the beginning of the anime, and with the emergence of these supernatural and secret governments tried to use them as a weapon that led to the outbreak of great wars collapsed countries and systems fell and change the face of this Some of these contractors have not forever, in spite of all this is still hoping that one day Yahya in peace a normal life.



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