Manga D. Stone: A New Manga Hit In Shunen Gump 2019

Manga D. Stone: A New Manga Hit In Shunen Gump 2019

Everyone .. Turned .. To .. Stones!

Dr. Stone everyone turned into Stones

It focuses on manga with intriguing and innovative plots and, most important of all, being young heroes. Thus, young people tend to be adventurous, friendly and search for lost treasure. But now Shunen Gump is accepted with something strange, something when he mentions in the Shunen manjat his secondary character only helps the hero with some opinions, and in the end the book has overtaken the hero's recklessness on his mind. Manja accepted centered on the principles of science for survival! Accepted by Dr. Stone.

A weekly manga released every Thursday has captured readers' minds both in and out of Japan, and is now a popular chant for the Otaku community. The manga tells of Senku, a high school teenager who presided over his school's science club, which since his youth was a passion for discovery. The hero represents the raw passion for the unknown! Being ignorant is just a step to be aware of, this is one of the manga messages. Simply if you are passionate about science, and you are immersed in it, you will think logically and will not give in to anything that you have lived.

Manga: The Beginning
Sinku stands in his lab at school, clutching test tubes and wearing a coat that gives him the prestige of the small world. His hair is disdainful and his features do not show any interest in the feelings of his friend Taegu, who will soon show his love for his beloved down the school building. Minutes pass until his friend stands with whom he wants to reconcile with his love, but before the knot of his tongue disintegrates, a great light emerges from the horizon of the presence of force, and then everyone turns into stone!

Manga-Dr. Stone

Manga D. Gaston: The embodiment of the struggle for survival!
After 3700 years, the rock decomposes from the top of the body of Senku and his friend with a short lead, and then they begin to create the state of science from scratch. The Stone Age is back in a society where there are literally only two. Two are trying to amputate the stones and bring them back to life. And then we took the events in different curves of enthusiasm and comedy to the maximum, but most of all, being purely scientific! Will the hero be able to analyze the stone membrane that envelops the quarrels? Will he do something with science struggling with the temporary death of nothing? This is what you will know if you continue with Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone manga-blog-review-of-the Anime

Featured in this manga

Well, there are many, many things that are distinctive in this artwork, beginning with the quality of drawing and ending with the exact plot. But between this and that lie dozens of things that make Dr. Stan Manga Shonen completely different from the likes.

1) Science for Science:

The manga is an explicit guide to how life struggles to survive, in which the hero lists and explains in a smooth and easy way the preparation of means and tools for survival from nothing, only from some mud or earth components that may seem useless. It is amazing that all the scientific information mentioned is 100% correct. In the events it appears that the hero makes fun of science for the benefit of the human race, but in fact he makes fun of science for science. Seeks to advance civilization forward even if there are no individuals to live it, only seeks to restore the glory of human civilization again, just because science generates more science.

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3) Whatever you feel helpless, the principles of science will save you:

Whenever you feel that your efforts are futile, and that your dream will not become true no matter what you try, just remember that Edison succeeded in making the lamp on the 100th attempt. Whatever challenges you face during your journey, just remember that Einstein wrote one research paper on Relativity, and was attacked by more than 100 scientists at the time, yet the relativeity of modern science overshadowed power and power. Always put the principles of science in front of your eyes day and night so as not to lose hope. After all, this is what Sinco wrote on his coat to always remember that the principles of science will not fail him. Einstein's famous equation, which connects energy to mass, is written in the square of light velocity: E = M * C ^ 2, creating a steady path that deviates from it, which his father refined every day.


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