Seven Deadly Sins season 3: Release date 2019


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Seven Deadly Sins Is a Japanese weekly manga from the knitting and creativity Nakaba Suzuki consists of a series of chapters and volumes, which has thrown a huge demand from followers, sold more than 5 million copies. The idea of ​​an anime presentation derived from the episode of Manga came from the seven deadly sins and was presented in both Japanese and English in the Americas.


Anime is the seven deadly sins in the Kingdom of Britain, where it speaks of seven knights who were dispersed after being defeated by the Holy Knights of the Kingdom of Lyons after their intention to overthrow them. Ten years later, some of the holy knights of the country will take over the king of the country, capture him and seize power. The daughter of King Elizabeth will be able to escape in a journey to collect the seven sins of liberating the kingdom of Lyons from the hands of the holy knights.

I tried as much as possible to simplify this story without burning, but my only advice to you is that this anime is very beautiful - both in terms of events and characters - and worth watching.


After the end of the second season of the deadly seven sins of the legendary and strongly last week, and by the end left viewers commenting and inquiring about the date of the second season.
Regarding the time of publication there is no specific time for this. Because the manga writer has not yet finished writing the story because there is no specific time to release it. 
 Note :

These events are then mentioned in the article are only from the first season. The second part is fictional events waiting for you. enjoy watching.

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