The Promised Neverland ; Best anime in 2019?

There has been a lot of talk recently about the Promised NeverLand, which has achieved great viewing and popularity after it was released on January 11, 2019 and was considered one of the anime that will sweep the art scene.


As one of the followers of the anime, I was curious to see this anime and to know the impression that will follow the first episode and whether the anime deserves this status (from a personal perspective only because all tastes are respected) so I have done this review so that the anime can be analyzed from several angles ... Anime together.

Category: Anime Horror, Science Fiction and Dark Fantasia.

Rating: By the way anime is rated 9.1 for its first episode on Imdb and 8.78 at My Anime List, ranking 33 and a very promising start for any anime.

Episode events:

Before you start, you must say that to leave the general impression about this anime, the story must be narrated and focus in detail to know the strengths and weaknesses therein so the following paragraph contains a comprehensive burn of events, so the alarm.

The evaluation of the loop is only a preliminary assessment, because the anime is still continuous.

  • The episode begins with three children standing behind a fence separating them from a dark long vestibule. Someone asks: What is this?

It is a gate separating the inside and the outside. The anime has been inspired by all this observation, what is meant inside ??? What is the outside that you are talking about?

After that, one of the children mentioned that it is forbidden to enter there, according to their mother, but they did not find the reason behind their being prevented from entering and ask: What is this fence protecting us from?

Frankly, I liked the beginning of this anime because it says the subject of ambiguity in the story and make the viewer close to decipher the thumb and know what is hidden from the details.


Neverland promised

The episode begins with the title "121045" .. you see what figure ?? And to what symbolizes ?? We may know the answer during the episode.

The story unfolds on the morning of the 12th of October, 2045, in a place that

seems to be orphaned. A girl, Emma, ​​starts waking up and wakes up with all the

children around her and plays with them. All the children gather around the table

with their teacher in events that look happy and normal So far, but, one moment!

There is a diary in the wall written on the twelfth day and it is written Kony, the

name of a child of the orphanage, well, here the events began to become more mysterious .. Let us follow!

After breakfast, the children must write test to determine the level of IQ in

each child. None of the children can solve the entire ekhnabar except for three

children: Norman, Ray and Emma, ​​who are said to be the smartest and most

skilled children in the whole orphanage. Norman defeated him in the game of

hiding ... Well, maybe you got some boredom so I'll shorten the events a little ..

Norman won the challenge with ease and pleasure, and after the game, the

children gathered around each other and wondered why each of them in the

orphanage and that no one Of their relatives visit them or even send them, and

they dream of leaving the orphanage to discover the neighborhood Of overseas

and enjoy, but Emma has wanted to stay next to the "mother" and that her love and compassion extreme.


When the game was over, and when night came, Connie packed her things and bid farewell to her friends. Ooh, so I wrote her name next to the twelfth day, you will go and be a new life, right? Here I am (as one of the viewers). I begin to look forward to seeing my next destination.

After Kony left and was greeted with bitterness and longing, Emma teased that Kony had forgotten her stuffed doll, grabbed her and tried to catch her trip with Norman before it was too late,

When they reached the blocked gate, they found a parked truck and we thought it was the truck that would be Kony but Kony had no trace. Emma went to the back of the truck to put the doll, but ....

Well, Emma and the signs of shock filled her shoulders, unable to speak, and called to Norman with trembling words. Norman also did not have the possibility of the terrible scene in front of him ... Kony's body was right in front of them, and a red rose ... I immediately wondered: What is this ??? what happened? Who is responsible for killing Kony?

After three moments, the baby's body was placed inside a container (perhaps for safekeeping). When the shadows became a few meters away from the terrified children, they turned out to be creatures not of this nature. The world ... Not only that, what shocked the two children really is the presence of Isabella (their "compassionate"?) As an intermediary offering children food for these devils !! Here, in my place, I followed the events, wondering if each of the children here would survive the impasse surrounding them.

And I recommend that one of the monsters to bring Ray, Emma and Norman to be the next meal !!! At that moment, the two children miraculously ran away, disbelieving what had just happened.

Was this alleged orphanage just a farm to raise the food of the monsters? What fate awaits the rest of the children ???

And at that moment Norman and Emma agreed to escape and save the children from the clutches of these monsters, but they forget one thing:

forget the stuffed doll near the truck, and the tutor has mastered her, and on her face a stern look ominously warning promised ... And ended the episode .. my God ! The first episode was more than fantastic. It was a mixture of enthusiasm and ambiguity that made me expect this anime would be great by all standards.

In every shortcut, this was the first episode, an auspicious episode that carries many puzzles and dilemmas and raises many puzzling questions. Honestly, the episode deserves its high evaluation. However, this is only one episode and we can not judge the anime from its first episodes. , Let's look at the next episodes and judge ourselves.


neverland children

  • According to the anime classification, it is clear that the main character here is Emma along with Norman and Ray as auxiliary characters in addition to the educator Isabella and here we come to analyze each character separately:
  • Emma is a good-hearted, energetic girl who cares about her friends and considers them a family. She is also related to her mother-in-law and her caring as a caring mother. Emma's character is a regular Shunen character.
  • She shares the same characteristics (from helping others, loving friends, etc.) with the rest of the Shunen heroes.

Emma as a character is a normal character, but as I said before, it is difficult to judge under just one light, so we have to wait.

  • Ray: The character of genius and cold feelings that speak only rarely, and we have seen such a character in previous animations there is nothing special about them so far.
  • Norman: The most personal character attracted to my attention during the episode, it combines the intelligence and intelligence Ray, and between the activity and good Emma, ​​the nature of Norman was to advise and advise to his friends when needed, in addition to the wits shown during the competition of one of his children in the game hide.   
  • Isabella: The lame and horrible character that used the children's food for the demons after we thought the medical nanny cares about caring for the children and meeting their needs, although her presence was a little during the episode, but it was a contribution to the deviation of the course of events is fundamentally different, and it shocked us harshly and that everything was The show of Hanan was only a knitted mask carries a mixture of cruelty and subtlety (recognizing Norman, who said he did not overcome it in chess) .. At all, it seems that we will see a very strong presence of this character in the next episode.

We did not see a strong presence of characters as this episode is a prelude to events without tension and ambiguity. so,my preliminary assessment 8.5 / 10 And waiting for what the anime tells us of surprises.


Drawing techniques

Anime is produced by CloverWorks studio, famous for the famous Fairy Tail and Darling In The Frankxx.

The quality of the drawing was both simple and beautiful, and the studio managed to make the viewer live without making mistakes at the level of the animation. Perhaps the most striking of all, the shocked faces of Emma and Norman, were unbelievably convincing.

For the surrounding environment it has been painted with great attention and attention without mistakes or neglect. The drawing method is generally simple and takes into account the manga style of manga.



By listening to the music associated with the events, it seems that the tracks will be very moving and powerful in the upcoming episodes, as they fit the pattern of the development of events beautifully and very smooth, I hope the music is good to fit the expectations.


Personal opinion

The episode has influenced me completely, it was a wonderful episode by all standards, its events are interrelated and unflagging, and it is full of suspense, mystery and anticipation to see the origins of the monsters and the fate that awaits the children, all this and wait in anticipation of the next episodes of more events and suspense.

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