The style used by Hachirama Sengu .. and other things about this legendary character!

This is actually one of the best points of the Naruto world, which I like to write about, so sit back, get a warm drink, and start enjoying .. Because we are about to understand one of the important puzzles in the world of Naruto, namely how the wise style "sage mode" It was close to knowing how Hashirama Singhu was a truly wonderful legend.

Hachirama is one of the most powerful Shinobi at all, in fact if Sasuke, Naruto and Madra did not reach the level of the wise of the six tracks, Hachirama would have been the most powerful Shinobi in history undisputed, so we have to ask .. What made Hachirama so special? On this question let us simplify it and take it step by step:
Hashirama sinju

1 - Hashirama is another incarnation of Ashura before Naruto, Ashura is the son of the wise six tracks and the grandson of Kajuya,

This alone is enough to win him many possibilities and make him an exceptional personality in the world of the Shinobi, but believe it or not, this is not why he was able to use the style of the wise.

2 - Hachirama and Madra began the process of uniting the Shinobi in the world, although they belong to the two most conflicting clans of their time, Sinju and Utchiha.

The Sinjo descended directly from Ashura and Utica directly from Indra's descendants, and this is the root of the conflict between them.

3 - Hachirama belongs to the Sinjo, and the Sinjo are known for their amazing life ability and the great sources of chakra they have, and in light of this fact they as a clan of power have no limits!

Here is why Hachirama is a very special character: Hachirama has embodied all these traits but has risen to a much higher level and has developed a self-healing technique that he can use alone, making him by default a person who is at least invincible and invincible. The ninjetsu, the gingetsu, the taijitsu in sequence, times, times and times no matter how long the battle lasted.

4. In addition to being able to launch the wood element.

Well, here we are closer to his own wise style. More Kiki Jinkai A rarity in the whole anime is the release of the Hachirama wood element, so rare that it is literally the only person who can use it, and anyone else who used it like Yamato did only after vaccinating Hachirama cells, Has not succeeded in using the mastery and strength of Hachirama, now what is related to the style of the wise ?!

Before the answer you have to know that the style of the wise is a special physical reaction that collects energy from nature, and the wise style usually takes the form of the animal that the user has made a contract with. For Naruto, the creature that contracted him is the frog, and for Caputo he is the snake. Hey .. Look at the picture above you will not find it carries any formality specifications for any animal, right ?! That's because your wise style of chirama is something very unique that no one else can use.

Through his inheritance from the Sinjo, Hashirama alone possessed all the traits that were scattered among many of them, including the seven chakra natures (wind, water, fire, earth, electricity, light, darkness) and above all he got his own Kiki Ginkai alone, Water chakra the earth produces chakra wood, chakra wood is what gave it renewed powers, but why ?!

Well, Narutobedia said in a nutshell: "Wood and plants can be produced on any surface, including the user's own body, and here Chakra literally becomes a source of life"

Here is the sense, somehow and somehow Hachirama made natural chakra and developed the element of wood from it, thus making himself a continuous receptacle ready to receive the energy of nature.

Hachirama did not conclude a contract with anyone who was not taught how Chakra collected nature and controlled it, he did it only, his own will, just because he can.

The Hakimura style of Hachirama is the same Hashirama, himself a chakra of nature and himself a physical and material embodiment of it.

Finally, it goes without saying that this article is an analysis of the anime and manga data, abstract theory that has not been officially confirmed, and may never be, but I hope the evidence here makes it seem reasonable and logical to you as it seems to me.

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