The third season of Shingeki no Kyojin 2019: A new level of enthusiasm and suspense

The third season of Shingeki no Kyojin 2019: A new level of enthusiasm and suspense

Attack on titan-season 3- 2019

If we describe the third season of Shingeki no Kyojin in one sentence we will say it: a completely different season from its previous seasons!

Progressing events, storytelling, character evolution, the rendered badge are 100% different from the three previous badges, very stylish drawing and much elevated animation and jump to a new level of magnificence and mastery.

Are you more inclined to action and assassinations?

Season 3 will satisfy you completely from this point of view, once in a much different way from the previous seasons and again in the same way, but the style of fighting has become quite different and funky.
Do you want to discover more about heroes, their past and their future?

This season will reveal very interesting and surprising information about the past of some characters and will leave you waiting for more warmer, and enough information will make you feel that some characters evolved in a style you would never have expected!

The story:

Attack on titan-story-Season 3


As the story of the previous season has shown, many of the sudden issues that Irene and his friends have faced, and this time there have been many different dilemmas, have prompted each character to form a different personality. The more the story progresses, the more surprises we encounter about Titans and things we could not expect The world of Attack on Titan, and without any burning of events .. The story has risen to a new major level this season.

Drawing and animation:

Attack on titan-animation-Season 3

The painted badge was dazzled and full of picturesque colors, and came in very beauty, calm and elegance, suited to the emotions and emotions that were broadcast through the episodes of the season.

The painting in the rings was amazing in every sense of the word, beginning with the characters and every detail in them, the backgrounds, the weapons and equipment, the royal capital, palaces and castles, walls, even the general public and everything else.

The style of drawing clearly highlighted everything and mastery, from the details of the eyes and even the hairstyles and hair color, although this is not new to the anime assault of the Titans, but it literally came this time with more magic and glamor.
Studio Wit reached the top in animation and animation as usual, but this time also introduced a remarkable improvement, scenes of the chase with three-dimensional maneuvers, explosions and exchanges of fire, scenes of murder and bloodshed, convulsions at the last breath, eye rotation and widening of the eyes, facial expressions .. and others, all these scenes flooded the viewer inside the anime atmosphere, and executed with a truly impressive and impressive.



Attack on titan-story-Season 3

A new library of epics, epic OSTs and a very different starting signal, shingeki no Kyojin is known for its soundtrack and we've got a good selection of them this time as well. In addition to the new emotive tone of emotion, there is a musical tone that gives the chills a lot of excitement and breathlessness.

There is also a new set of sound effects to introduce new elements in anime that have not existed before, such as firearms. This set of new effects helped (along with the rest of the audio and visual elements) to make the viewer live the event as if inside.

Sound performance hit the target as usual, the feelings of anxiety, anger, sadness and all these feelings suffered by the heroes because of the new thorny puzzles they encountered and the non-traditional enemies they encountered, all reflected on the performance of the voice in the fullest and most complete image.


Attack on titan-story-Season 3-characters

Be prepared to develop characters' brilliance in a way we never saw before in Attack on Titan. The third season focused a lot on character building and evolution in a way that you will feel and notice inevitably. You will see the characters with a different look and a new light.

What is surprising here is that the evolution of each Servant's character presents the story in an ideal way and vice versa. In other words, the evolution of the characters was not impulsively driven, not unnecessarily, not only to make the characters look different and peace, but rather to serve the story, necessary and inevitable.
And the end of the third season revealed many secrets will explode your mind many times, and still in the Iesama much, we have no trick but to wait .. Each episode is a heavy meal of excitement, enthusiasm and pleasure exclusive so that you will not waste one minute of your precious time You will see him in the sight.

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