Top 10 Artworks by A-1 Pictures in 2019


Studio A-1 Pictures was initially an agency or extension of the Sony Music Company Aniplex. The studio's work was then directed to children and family, but then evolved to the rest of the slides when the studio set out and made its first anime in 2007 under the title Oukiku Furikabutte. Its second strong start was the 2008 Kuroshitsuji industry, and since then has become one of the world's most renowned studios that have contributed enormously to the development of the anime industry. Today we bring you a list of the top 10 works produced by this wonderful studio.

1. Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso:

1- Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso:
The young boy Kusi Arima loves the music. music represents his life and what is in it. But after the death of his beloved mother, Kusi engages in a cycle of sadness and depression, resulting in his abandonment of the entire music until he reaches the point that he can not hear his piano. The situation continues to appear in his life, the kind and gay girl Kaura Miyazono, who plays the violin as brilliantly as he used to play the piano. Now that Kauri has entered his life, he has begun to pull him out of his lost state, and Suya are embarking on an adventure to create the best performing duo. But will things continue to do so without any impurities in the middle? This is what you will know when watching anime.

Boku dake ga Inai Machi:

2- Boku dake ga Inai Machi:

"Satoro" is a young man who is about to enter his third contract and aspires to be a skilled manga, but his actions are often rejected and they say he lacks something. Between his daily life and his ambition, which he always tries to achieve, he finds himself returning to the past for 18 whole years, and here he takes advantage of this new supernatural ability to change the course of history and save many people. But before the anime went straight into the events, Satoru's mother was killed and charged with killing her. After that, he walks on the streets, but at the same time he goes back to the past to discover that the character he is trying to save may be connected in one way or another with the person who killed his mother, a big one. A passionate and powerful journey in order to achieve justice by shaking the strings of time. Will Satoru succeed? That's what I'll leave to you.

3. AnoHana:

3. AnoHana:
Jinta Yadomi is a young man who spends his days at home playing video games instead of going to school. On one particular summer day, while the heat outside and inside burns everything, his old girlfriend Menma appears in front of him and begins to annoy him, but he does not care about it and thinks it is because of the summer heat that has destroyed his mind. It is impossible for a dead friend to appear in years like this. But over time, Geneta contends that this is a ghost of Menma already and seeks salvation. This prompted him to reunite friends who separated each one in the area after her death. Now everyone is regrouping to make her spirit lie in peace. And between this and that occur dozens of positions that return the past and strongly foment feelings.



4- Shinsekai yori:

 4- Shinsekai yori:

The anime story talks about humans who can move objects and manipulate material through their abnormal and supernatural powers. That percentage of people does not exceed 0.1% of the general population, but it is enough to create many changes in the living world. This ability makes many of its soldiers aggressive and capable of making big coups and revolutions. Decades and decades passed before they could isolate themselves from society and form the promised utopia. The story takes us with the girl Saki and her peers who are trying to cope with their own roles in that utopia. Events develop to include their exciting journey in the face of the darkness of that isolated society and the ruin that grows from its limbs gradually.


5- Nanatsu no Taizai:

 5- Nanatsu no Taizai:

The story is central to the beautiful girl Elizabeth, princess of the Lioness kingdom. The princess who was removed from power by the capture of the Holy Knights. Elizabeth then evades them and searches for a group of very powerful warriors, calling on the seven sins to help them retrieve the stolen truth and return to their kingdom to be their emir. Anime takes us on an interesting and enjoyable journey in which the lost princess searches with the sinner of anger over the rest of the sins that have long been dispersed. Between this and spoke, a lot of jokes and comedies and events to the maximum extent.


6. Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterunda:

 6- Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterunda:

Jean is a thin and nice girl, but one day she said something that tore her family apart, making the white fairy swallow her and pull out the perfect speech so as not to hurt others anymore. She is no longer able to speak again, and therefore she lived in the shadows and avoided everyone in every place she went because of her tragic experience. But one day something happened that was not considered, she was nominated to be a member of the Community Education Council, this is bad? But even worse, she was also appointed to be the lead in the upcoming concert. What will you do in this situation? What will be its impact on them? This is what you will learn when watching this anime.


7. Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic:

 7. Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic:

The dungeons are magical places filled with treasures, powers and hidden secrets that are the dream of many marauders, where the power of kings gives them great oppression. The story tells about the little magician «Aladdin» who seeks to leave his hometown behind him and go to the wide world to discover and explore the depths of passion and curiosity. Ala can also call Genia by playing on his flute. One day he meets Ali Baba after destroying a car belonging to a merchant. In order to pay for the damage, Ali Baba suggests that Alaeddine try their luck together in one of the cells to pay that amount. An unexpected adventure coincides with Aladdin, but did not know that the adventure will change his life, but the fate of the whole world completely!

8. Fairy Tail:


Fairy Tail-blog
The unique lizard, which contains a lot of fascinating stories and attractive characters, from the abject teenagers with the destructive powers, to the mighty men possessing the deadly deserts, to the inexperienced, magical and powerful magical powers. In the world of this anime, human beings who are able to perform magic are joined by magical guilds who receive the tasks of difficulty to be paid to their owners and pay for it. The story tells about Lucy Hartfilia, who is seeking to join the magical Fairy Tale Guild. As she searches for her, she meets a member of the Association and wonders about the possible ways, and therefore joins the Association and begins her adventures with that most powerful magic association, witchcraft among all other associations!

9. Ookiku Furikabutte:

Ookiku Furikabutte: 

Renn Mihashi is a very unfortunate footballer, and because of his poor experience and bad performance, his team at junior high school lose a game behind each other until they never win, prompting colleagues to bully him and enter high school with no self-confidence or Intention to enter the high school baseball team at all. But his intervention in the fate of the team that did not want to enter, and there they accept as he is and help him to get through that stage and to get self-confidence, and that assistance was provided by «Takaya Abi» in particular. Now Renn has regained his self-confidence and gradually developed his skills. Where will his new life take him? That is a powerful leap in his life that you must see for yourselves!

10- Kuroshitsuji:

 black battler-Kuroshitsuji

Or black buttler, and is considered anime work quoted Manja superior in events and quality. But the anime here is characterized by good animation and strong comedy. The comedy has many dramatic and epic scenes, creating an anime anime that is so wonderful. The story tells about Sil Phantomahiev, the boy who struck a contract with an old demon to help him avenge his family's house and kill his parents. In the end, Satan will eat his soul. But between this and that we follow the journey of the torrent in revealing the threads of the painful past in the performance of his mission as the guardian of the London system under the name of the guardian dog of Her Majesty the Queen. So what is the past of the torrent? Will the contract really end as agreed? Lots and lots await you without a doubt.

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