Why Uchiha Itachi is one of the greatest Characters in the history of anime!

Itachi has a very unique and moving dramatic background, and before we examine his story let us sum up some of his achievements:

  1. He graduated from the Academy at the age of seven at the highest marks in the history of the Academy after Namakaze Minato.
  2. Awake and mastered the use of sharigans at the age of seven, and this is a feat, because most Uchiha do not really Awaken sharkingan .. not to mention mastering using it.
  3. Pass the chunin test at age 10.
  4. He joined Enbo in the eleventh.
  5. He became a squad leader in the thirteenth
  6. And other achievements and actions that we have no room to limit now.


Such achievements are important, but it is not what made Itachi unique. Such achievements are common in the Anime World and not so great, that we have a hero who can destroy the worst of the bad guys with one punch.

From the point of view of the author Itachi was the main fuel for the development of Sasuke character throughout the first part and most of the second part, we will review this as we move forward to the end of this article.

Now let's take a look at the dramatic background of Itachi:

When Itachi was first mentioned in the anime, he was portrayed as one of the bad guys. Sasuke, the attractive, quiet, demure, sassy hero, has only hatred in his heart, and all this hatred is directed at Itachi.

"I will regain my clan, and Kill a certain person" Sasuke Yuchiha

Sasuke aims to make Shinobi clever enough to take revenge on Itachi, but his only cause of life is revenge for Itachi. What is Itachi's fault to deserve all this ?!

The answer is simply he killed his clan because he wanted to test his strength, and then abandoned the village, Sasuke was not only an orphan, but also the clan orphan, and all because of his brother the closest people to him..

But the anime revealed to us about the deep brotherly association that brought together Itachi and Sasuke, Itachi loved Sasuke as best a brother could love his little brother as he could.


Before Itachi began his clan extermination plan, he used to spend a lot of time with Sasuke and gave Sasuke care and attention he missed from his father.

We can not forget this - I think you can hear the picture -


But now let's dig deep to know what actually happened.

In the first part we met Itachi a few times, and we saw him as an attractive and impressive person, but he was not a beloved figure, in the second part, and with the hour of truthlessness approaching, we had already hated him, and memories of his past with Sasuke were blazing.

But when the truth became crystal clear, it turned out that the traitor was only a national hero behind the curtain. The Itachi clan was plotting a plot against the village and planning a coup, and because Itachi studied a lot of history, not only the history of his clan or village, He had very good knowledge of what was right and what was wrong, and because Itachi was at the time of the Third Sinobi War, which was very small, and his father took him to the battlefield and saw what the tragedies and massacres he had had on his newborn hair, Itachi knew very well how the terrible bloody outcome of the coup,  he made his final decision and became a double-village councilor, sharing his secret with his old friend Shizui.

Uchiha sichwi with Itachi

We will not say much about Shiswe, but in short, shiswe killed himself and his death awakened the manjikyu at Itachi, then Itachi became the main suspect in the killing of Shiswei.

Now the critical events begin to reach the peak of tension and the point of explosion is approaching. The village council ordered Itachi to annihilate his clan, and so he agreed, provided that Sasuke remained alive. Itachi committed the massacre. Toby took the mask as a partner. Itachi With tears as he pulls out his sword and ... (I was deeply influenced by this moment)

Itachi -Crying


He did a great thing for Sasuke. He portrayed himself as a wicked villain in the eye of Sasuke, giving him the motivation to be stronger and better. He also told Sasuke explicit lies, such as his call to a brother who never loved him. , He left the village and gave Sasuke a reason to live, leaving Itachi and tears pouring down on his soul and his tormented heart before his cheeks.

But he has a new mission: to infiltrate the Akatsuki to keep their evil away from Konoha, and the Akatsuki is a terrible organization of lost ninjas.

In short, Itachi lost the battle and made it seem as if Sasuke finally managed to get through it, but in fact he let him win, unable to walk, dragged himself toward Sasuke, And ... we must catch our breath here, what is the last thing Itachi did before his death? Sasuke woks smiled at his forehead!


Itachi-Sasuki final Moment

It seems puzzling, since Itachi used to do this movement to Sasuke when they were young, but even this had something behind it. In fact, he had placed a trap in the eye of Sasuke with this nostalgic movement. He knew that Toby would reveal the truth to Sasuke to provoke his hatred and hatred of the village And so he put a trap in the eye of Sasuke to set fire to the Amaterso in Tobio as soon as he saw it. Itachi had a great love for his brother, and even when he died he was thinking of protecting Sasuke in the future.

Now I leave these words to you for Itachi Uchiha himself, it is the best you will know about this great character.


"Do not cry Sasuke, your big brother is here to protect you no matter what happens," he told Sasaki, an infant

Itachi-carrying-Sasuki-when he was a baby

"There is no merit in killing like you, my foolish brother, if you want to kill me, I mean! And hate me! And live a long and ugly life, run away, and run away, and hold on to your miserable life, and someday, when you have eyes like I have, come and face me "



"Humans spend their lives judged by what they think is right, so they know reality, but what does it mean to be right?! Just vague concepts, their whole reality may be just an illusion "for Sasuke as well


"Those who kill their comrades will surely deliver a terrible death" to Kizami

"We will not know what kind of people we really are until the moment of death, while death accepts hugging you, you will know who you are, that's death ... do not you think?"

"No matter how powerful you are, do not try to carry everything on your own.

"You do not become a Hokage to be admitted by all, the person that everyone recognizes becomes a Hokage" to Naruto


"The village has its contradictions and its dark side, but I still  Itachi Uchiha of Konoha" while talking about the village

"If I had been open to you from the beginning, and looked at you directly in your eyes... told you the truth, I did not have to stand in front of you as a failure and tell you all this, so this time I want to transmit this truth to you, you do not have to forgive me, whatever you do from now on , I know this .. I will always love you "His last words to Sasuke after the abolition of Edutense

Itachi final words to sasuki

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